The process

  1. Watch the instructional animation and confirm that you understand what to do
  2. Place your order on this website
  3. Complete the step-by-step medical history questionnaire
  4. Complete your personal and delivery details
  5. Once you have paid, you will then receive a package in the post
  6. Open the package, read the instructions and re-watch the video
  7. Take some bowel preparation prior (laxative that clears the gut so that the images are clear)
  8. Swallow the camera capsule we send you
  9. Pass a motion into the seive provided until the camera capsule comes out (it can take up to 72 hours! But in most people is under 24 hours!!)
  10. Collect the camera capsule from the sieve using the non-touch, 100% hygienic technique tools provided
  11. Drop the camera capsule into cleaning solution and send it back to us
  12. We interpret the data received and upload the report in plain english, to your secure customer account (which can be found on our website under 'client login'

Note: your small bowel images are reviewed by a consultant "GUT" specialist

The capsule consists of a camera, a light source and an internal mechanism for the acquisition and transmission of signals. A small battery, which can last several hours, powers the capsule.


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